This week a Yorkshire school was hit by a ransomware attack that meant they were forced to close their doors for the day on Tuesday 22nd October.

All 750 pupils were asked to stay at home whilst the school ensured their systems were back up and running and most importantly safe and secure.

The attack was discovered on the morning of Monday 21st October and disabled all of their systems. This also meant that the school were unable to contact parents to send the pupils home after the attack was found. Read the full article here.

What would you do if there was an attack on your school?

Do you have the processes and policies in place to mitigate as much risk as possible and do you know what to do in the event of an attack?

Cyber Security should be an integral part of your systems as a organisation that deals with the welfare of people and a vast about of sensitive information.

Do not hesitate to get in touch should you feel that your security measures can be improved. We can audit your current processes for free and help you get to the right level of security for your school. | 01524 813 003 

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