It’s a strange time to be running a business, you might find that many of your team are working from home and perhaps you are all feeling a little de-motivated. So let’s use this time as a chance to focus, catch up on those annoying little jobs you never get done and planning for the future!

Here are our 6 steps to lockdown success for micro and small businesses!

1. Business Manuals

Now is the perfect time to truly get your business’ operations perfected. Business manuals sound like a real pain but can be the secret to sustainability and succession planning within your business.

At Like we create ‘Work instructions’ which are tasks sheets for each activity performed within the business so that in effect any person could reach for a task sheet and complete a piece of work. They provide a set of instructions for technical or non-technical tasks across all departments within the business.

They are extremely business specific as they suit your systems and your way of working. Therefore when hiring new team members they become invaluable as they allow a person to work ‘on the job’ rather than always shadowing.

Business Operations Manuals are also a great tool for identifying areas of improvement for your business.  This might be the perfect time to take a step back and take time to really think about what areas of your business need focus and development.  

2. How can you give value

This leads us nicely onto giving value. Use your updated Business Manuals to find areas that you can really give some extra value to your customers, whether that’s going above and beyond with your service, adding a new service or just generally improving an existing one. There are so many great ways you can wow your customers and they do not have to be related to your business offering either. Think about how you can scrutinise your customers journey through your business and improve each process by 1%- imagine what this could do to your entire business function.

Whilst we are all on lockdown are there any ways that you can provide some extra, free content to your customers. ‘Top tips to…’ blogs and videos. Whether you are painter and decorator or a letting agent or cyber security experts (like us), there is always content you can provide for people whilst they are sat at home spending time online and needing a distraction from the kids.

3. Business & Financial Planning

Likely the last thing you would like to do, but arguably the most important. Get your figures in order and budget for the year to come. Whilst setting goals financial and otherwise. When the UK starts to get back to normality you want to be ready to push ahead with full throttle, there will be no time to waste.

Your business might need to make some changes to survive and may need to seek some new opportunities long term to push through. Think outside the box as much as possible, use this time to focus on what opportunities may present themselves.

4. Use Social Media

Keep in contact with your clients and potential future clients, let them know that you are still operational if you are, or provide them with relevant content if you aren’t. This could be ‘How to videos’, Blogs or general updates as mentioned before to keep people positive.

People will remember how you reacted and presented during this time, don’t just go into hiding.

5. Look after yourself and your team

Looking after yourself is now even more essential. Take this time to catch up with family, take a walk that you would otherwise put off because you are too busy or catch up on FaceTime with friends. Write a diary to look back on, have 10 minutes meditation time, read a book, have a soak in the bath.

Whatever techniques work for you. Take a moment to look after yourself and encourage your team members to do the same. This may be a time to embrace long overdue time with your children or spouse.

Keep in contact with your team members daily, use video chats to encourage interaction and maintain social contact and ask for their input on how the business can improve things long term.

6. Practise gratitude

Something light hearted to end this blog on. Take the time to notice the little things that you might often take for granted. A sunrise, a great cup of coffee, your home, your health. Feel gratitude and focus on the positives. Stay safe and well.

We are Like Computing and our focus is Cyber Security for small businesses. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, we hope you are keeping well.

If there is any element of your business security that you have concerns about currently or want to discuss future proofing then our team are on hand to chat over the phone or via video conference. You can call us on 01524 813 003.

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