Last year BT made the announcement that by 2025 all customers will be migrating from traditional analogue phone networks to internet based services.

Before we explain further what this means and how it will affect your business here are a few definitions to help you get up to scratch:

  • PSTN- Public Switched Technology Network, the traditional landline setup
  • ISDN- Integrated Services Digital Network, a digital phone system that uses the PSTN landline network
  • IP- Internet Protocol, a telephone system that uses the internet
  • VOIP- Voice Over Internet Protocol, the system you will use to make and receive calls over the internet
  • SIP- Session Internet Protocol, SIP will end and receive any multimedia data over the internet, such as video calls 

So what does this mean?

By 2025 BT are planning to shut down their traditional landline PSTN & ISDN network in favour of VOIP and SIP so that all customers will make and receive calls over the internet. The move to digital is part of an international trend amongst telecoms providers preparing for analogue platforms like the PSTN to become obsolete according to Openreach (2018). 

What does this mean for my business?

If you are not already using a VOIP system, as of 2020 you will no longer be able to purchase a traditional PSTN or ISDN system from BT. If your contract is up for renewal then you will need to swap your current system for a VOIP system.

Our question to you is… why wait until the switch over?

Although 2025 sounds like a age away, as an industry leader BT will be the first of many that will begin to phase out traditional landline systems.

Therefore, no new landline technology will be being produced, no software updates and no new features will be added to existing systems essentially meaning they will become obsolete. A VOIP systems is virtual system that will not be based in your building but hosted at a data centre, meaning your calls will be routed in and out via the internet. 

The benefits for your business

  • Flexibility across all your devices
  • Easy to use systems
  • Reduced bills – it’s usually faster, more reliable and more affordable
  • Should you be in a remote area with weak signals, for the time being you can use a Hybrid system that switches between landline and VOIP should the internet cut out 

What do I do to make the switch?

  1. Check your contract with your current supplier
  2. Find a qualified VoIP supplier 

For more information or if you have any questions on switching to VOIP call us on 01524 813 003 or email We can talk you through the solutions for your business and ensure you are ready for the big switch! 

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