Data breaches and security issues within business are consistently in the headline news. From major companies to smaller local businesses, there is no environment deemed ‘safe’ and having cyber security as one of your top priorities in business is essential.

Human error remains the leading cause of data breaches and these breaches cause organisations a great deal of financial and reputational damage. Yet, research has shown that over a quarter of UK businesses are still failing to educate their staff on the threat of a cyber-attack and how they can put measures in place to minimise the risk of threat. Training and maintaining a culture that keeps cyber security at the forefront of your teams mind is paramount. Ultimately it is your people that will protect your business.

Here are some vital steps your company should take if you feel there is a lack of knowledge within your organisation:

1. Clearly communicate the potential impact of a security incident

What effect could this have on day to day business and the bottom line? This is not to scare people but to ensure that your team understand the potential consequences to overall business activity.

2. Hold regular cyber security talks or sessions

Regular training does not have to be costly or time consuming, but it needs to happen before an incident. Interesting and engaging content that is up to date is easy to find online and the majority of your team can benefit from the information – not just in the workplace, but in their personal life too.

3. Make Cyber security everyone’s commitment

This comes down to culture and management. Ensure that your team are aware of the important strategies that are being delivered in regards to cyber security and that spotting a potential threat or ensuring safe browsing (for example) is not just the responsibility of the IT department.

4. Issue specific rules about online activity

Specifically with email, internet browsing, social networks and mobile devises. Generally encourage safe browsing, to be wary of suspicious email links and for your team to regularly change their passwords. Having some basic processes in place to help your team recognise suspicious behaviour could either prevent your company from attack or allow you to catch it early enough to not make long term damage. In some cases, you might only be one click away.

5. Train your employees to recognise and respond to a cyber-attack

If, like us, you are regularly dealing with sensitive information you may want to invest in some formal training for your workforce. There are many organisations and courses available that you can tap into that don’t have to cost the Earth.

Pro-activity is the key theme to how your company and team should approach cyber security and educating your workforce is vital.

At Like Computing our cyber security consultants can help you put together some basic training and help you communicate it to your team in an timely and engaging way to help ensure your business is safe from threat.

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