IT Training

Stay up to date and secure with Like Computing’s tailored training services.

IT TrainingWe can offer packages that will help you and your employees understand the measures they can take to make sure they use your systems efficiently and securely. With resources for both onsite and offsite training, we can make learning easy and convenient for you and your staff.

Cyber SecuritySome of the most common threats are through users, so education can be one of the best preventative measures a business can take against cyber threats. Like Computing offers both onsite and offsite cyber security training for your employees, scalable to level of knowledge and experience. Our GCHQ Cyber Essentials Consultancy certified Engineers will provide your employees with the information and basic knowledge they need to be aware of security threats and how to be resilient against them.

Training facilitiesHere at Like Computing, we have all the resources necessary to train your team in basic cyber awareness. With a fully functional training suite and a modern boardroom, we can organise for your employees to visit us and take part in a comprehensive training course to get them up to date on everything they need to know.

Training FacilitiesWe understand that it isn’t always possible to send all of your staff to another location for training, so our IT Engineers can come direct to you. We can offer your employees basic onsite training to make sure they are using your systems securely.