IT Consultancy

A consultation is the best way for us to establish your business requirements. Our reports will identify key areas for optimisation in your IT systems.

IT ConsultancyOur qualified IT Engineers will assess your system and highlight any areas for improvement – such as optimisation, pinpointing vulnerabilities and identifying obsolescence within your IT systems – and provide you with a full report so you can see exactly how your systems are running. Based on this information, our IT Engineers will be able to recommend the perfect solutions to fulfil your business requirements.

IT ConsultationA Systems Consultation covers your servers, networks, backups, disaster recovery, business continuity plans, storage and more. Everything from your workstations to your IT infrastructure will be analysed so our IT Engineers can identify key areas for improvement and implement the best solutions for your business.

Cyber Security ConsultationAt Like Computing, we can provide GCHQ Cyber Essentials Consultancy certified IT Engineers who are perfectly equipped to assess your cyber security needs. They will ensure that the necessary measures are taken to secure your servers and networks, protect your back ups and encrypt sensitive data, meaning that you can rest assured that your business will have the best protection against the multitude of threats that occur every day.

Licensing ConsultationLicensing software for business use can be a complicated and difficult process. Our IT Engineers can ensure that your systems are fully compliant with complex licensing requirements, and may also be able to reduce the cost of your licenses.