Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software

Keeping up with technology is difficult, especially when you have a business to run. With our procurement and installation services, staying up to date is no longer a problem.

Server Hardware SalesIdentifying the correct software and hardware for your business can be difficult and mistakes can be inconvenient, costly, and even dangerous to your systems. Our IT Engineers will analyse your business needs and recommend the best hardware and software solutions for your business use.

Workstation Hardware SalesLike Computing are fully equipped to provide your business with competitively priced procurement of your computer systems. Our IT Engineers will assess your business needs and recommend the most suitable hardware and software to make your business run as efficiently as possible. All items purchased through Like Computing will have a full warranty.

IT Onsite SupportOur IT Engineers will not only procure software and hardware for your business, but will also install them to make sure they run as efficiently as possible from day one. Whether this means migrating data from old systems to new, completely reinstalling software, reconnecting or upgrading servers or rebuilding your infrastructure our IT Engineers can make the process run smoothly. Once installed, our IT Engineers can also set up system monitoring so your IT systems always operate at their best.

Leasing OptionsWe can provide you with leased office equipment to help you to keep your IT costs predictable and within budget. All of our leased items will also be monitored and serviced by our IT Engineers to keep them fully operational and secure. Then, when the lease is complete, Like Computing can upgrade your hardware and software systems so that you never fall behind the times.