Cyber Security

Security is our top priority, so you can have every confidence that all of our recommendations will ensure that your data is protected to the highest degree.

Cyber SecurityWithout the appropriate security measures in place, your business is vulnerable to a huge range of attacks which could lead to loss of revenue, data and damage to your business’ reputation. Not only that but, with the introduction of new data protection laws, there could also be severe legal consequences and significant fines. Our IT Engineers can ensure that the necessary measures are taken to secure your servers and networks, protect your back ups and encrypt sensitive data.

Cyber SecurityCyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber-attacks. At Like Computing, we can provide GCHQ Cyber Essentials Consultancy certified IT Engineers who are perfectly equipped to assess your cyber security needs and make the necessary recommendations to fit your requirements.

Cyber Security TrainingSome of the most common threats are through users, so education can be one of the best preventative measures a business can take against cyber threats. Like Computing offers both onsite and offsite cyber security training for your employees, scalable to level of knowledge and experience. Our IT experts will provide your employees with the information and basic knowledge they need to be aware of security threats and how to be resilient against them. Visit our training page to see more about the services we can offer.