Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Migration to the Cloud is a simple solution to improve security, communication and connectivity within your business.

Cloud ServicesCloud Services are becoming essential to businesses of all sizes. The Cloud offers data and backup solutions that provide security, flexibility, performance and cost benefits. At Like Computing, we can assist with the migration and management of your Cloud Services.

Cloud BackupMigrating your backups to the Cloud is easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure and provides you with superior protection against data loss. Your data is always encrypted before it leaves your systems and can only be decrypted by you. Should disaster occur, which could be the loss of a single file or a total loss, your disaster recovery plan can be quickly instigated to keep your business running.

Cloud StorageStoring your data in the Cloud reduces the need for storing data onsite, reducing the amount of hardware required on your business’ premises. Cloud Storage also facilitates remote working, allowing you to access your company data from anywhere. Like Computing can migrate your data and have your systems running more efficiently with minimal downtime.

Cloud Email Office 365Our Cloud Email Solutions will make it easy for your company to communicate efficiently, accessible from any internet-enabled device anywhere in the world, as well as ensuring security and constant availability. Our simple Cloud Solutions will keep you connected when it matters most.