Xyone, our Cyber Essentials certification partner got in touch with us as a client of theirs had recently decided to attain the Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation. Unfortunately they had failed one of the security tests as their website had shown a number of vulnerabilities.

That’s where we came in. Xyone asked us to help their client overcome these issues to secure the site. Although the client had their own department of expert IT technicians, they lacked the specific cyber security knowledge that would enable them to solve the problem.

About the Client

  • Financial management company
  • Regulated industry
  • Their own IT department + software developers
  • 25 employees
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The Challenge

The specific vulnerabilities that were found meant that a cyber-criminal was able to insert malicious code into the clients website. Although this may not have impacted the client directly, it would likely infiltrate their customers secure data and systems.

The Outcome

Our consultants were quickly able to deduce where the vulnerability in the website was by analysing the source code. An action plan was drawn up with the client and following some development and testing on a remote system, we were able to provide a solution that would not impact their business or customer experience.

Xyone then re-tested the clients site and subsequently provided them with their Cyber Essentials Plus badge.

The Feedback

The Feedback

Like Computing were able to assist our client gain the correct level of security so they meet the Cyber Essentials Plus compliance level. Like Computing have a no-nonsense and honest approach to security and due to their experienced background in working with sensitive data they are a valued partner of ours

Zain Javed, CTO, Xyone

What We Learnt

What we learnt from this particular project is that not every IT person is a security expert and that even the small businesses with the best technical teams around may still need some guidance in security. Working alongside existing IT departments is just one way we can help a small business stay secure

Gary Brayshaw, Like Computing Head of Security

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